Fascinator Patterns

The eyes never forget. Long after you think a memory is gone, you will find it buried somewhere between an old photo inside a dusty photo album and the screensaver you have set on your mobile phone. Images stir emotions and touch the heart. 

The perfect hat or headband that matches your personality and enhances a cherished moment is essential. Because long after the moment is over and only a memory remains, a photo will bring it back and you can experience it all over again.

All patterns are in PDF format and are instantly downloadable upon completion of payment.

Broadway Top Hat-
Broadway Top Hat
Jackie O Pillbox Hat-How to make, pillbox, hat, vintage, Jackie O, jacqueline, kennedy, Onassis, kilmarnock, 1960s, 60s, vintage
Jackie O Pillbox Hat
Kate Silk Headband-
Kate Silk Headband
Olivia Heiress Hat-
Olivia Heiress Hat
Stella Pleated Headband-
Stella Pleated Headband
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